Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Feel

I feel strange,
I feel weird,
I feel lost
Like i'm stuck on fifth gear

I feel depressed,
I feel cross,
I feel dead
Like i'm not here

I feel spent,
I feel the need to vent,
I feel lent
Like a cent so dear

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Passing By

Passing by,
Makes one want to cry,
Does no one ever try,
To make reach for the sky

Passing by,
Does not anyone wonder why,
Life is here just to die,
When there is only to try

Passing by,
Makes me watch and think why,
People live like rolling a die,
Only to simply be passing by

Hold On

She was so small,
So tiny, she could break,
I held her in my hands,
Held her tight to never let go

As time passed me by,
Things changed, we changed, I changed,
But that promise to hold on,
That promise never changed

Six years have passed,
Passed like the wind,
And i still hold on,
Hold on tight never to let her go


Drifting, drifting down a road,
Drifting towards nothing,
Drifting we are,
We are just drifting

Why is it so hard,
Why is it so sad,
Why does my heart break,
Everytime i realise,
That we are just drifting

Where are we now,
Will we make it somehow,
Explain to me how,
We ended up just drifting